Colorful Idol Gacha Top
Colorful Idol Gacha
Type Number of Items Drop Rate
Clothes (Normal) 20 94%
Clothes (Rare) 8 6%
Rare++ Clothes (Normal) 20 70%
Rare++ Clothes (Rare) 8 30%
Sarali's Presents (Individual Clothes) 3 5%
Sarali's Presents (Shared Clothes) 48 95%

Normal Clothes

Image Item Type
Colorful Checked Beret Red Colorful Checked Beret Red Head Accessory
Colorful Checked Beret Blue Colorful Checked Beret Blue Head Accessory
Colorful Checked Beret Green Colorful Checked Beret Green Head Accessory
Colorful Checked Beret Yellow Colorful Checked Beret Yellow Head Accessory
Colorful Checked Beret Green Colorful Checked Beret Green Head Accessory
Starlight Idol Cyan Starlight Idol Cyan Clothes
Starlight Idol Green Starlight Idol Green Clothes
Starlight Idol Purple Starlight Idol Purple Clothes
Starlight Idol Red Starlight Idol Red Clothes
Starlight Idol Orange Starlight Idol Orange Clothes
Starlight Idol Blue Starlight Idol Blue Clothes
Starlight Idol Black Starlight Idol Black Clothes
Starlight Idol Turquoise Starlight Idol Turquoise Clothes
Punkish Idol Red Punkish Idol Red Clothes
Punkish Idol Purple Punkish Idol Purple Clothes
Punkish Idol Pink Punkish Idol Pink Clothes
Punkish Idol Yellow Punkish Idol Yellow Clothes
Punkish Idol Green Punkish Idol Green Clothes
Punkish Idol Blue Punkish Idol Blue Clothes
Punkish Idol Black Punkish Idol Black Clothes
Punkish Idol Crimson Punkish Idol Crimson Clothes

Rare Clothes

Image Item Type
Colorful Checked Idol Red Colorful Checked Idol Red Clothes
Colorful Checked Idol Blue Colorful Checked Idol Blue Clothes
Colorful Checked Idol Green Colorful Checked Idol Green Clothes
Colorful Checked Idol Yellow Colorful Checked Idol Yellow Clothes
Marching Idol Red Marching Idol Red Clothes
Marching Idol Blue Marching Idol Blue Clothes
Marching Idol Green Marching Idol Green Clothes
Marching Idol Black Marching Idol Black Clothes

Individual Sarali's Clothes

Image Item Type
World on Stage Sky World on Stage Sky Clothes
World on Stage Pink World on Stage Pink Clothes
World on Stage Mint World on Stage Mint Clothes

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