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Detective Event

Confusion in the luxury city! An attempt to steal the precious royal jewel has occurred! There are suspicions, but the clever thief prepared many fake thieves to trick the investigative team! You have been recruited by detective Trixie Bell to decide who the real culprit is.

To tell the truth, there were supposed to be more people here helping me with this case. Two Englishmen were on their way, but I heard that they've been abducted by a group of fangirls.

There was also a man who is a... Doctor? But when I tried contacting him, he said that he's trying to save the time and spoce or something. I remember asking a famous Japanese detective for help, but they have sent a child instead, so I told him to go back home.

–Trixie Bell, PMD 01

If you do some genuine S-grade detective work, you'll be awarded with Detective Points which you can use to try your luck with the gacha or spend it on nifty rewards in the shop. Other times, you might be rewarded with a Challenge Pass, which can be used to investigate the possible suspects!

Challenge Thief AwardsEdit

There is a 100% chance that you catch any thief (except the last one) by challenging her a certain number of times.

Image Award Thief Consecutive Battles Battles for 100%
10 CANChallenge Pass 10 CAN, Challenge Pass #1
Anna Moeki
3 5
Free Accessory Gacha TicketChallenge Pass Accessory Gacha Ticket, Challenge Pass #2
Maya Oshiro
5 10
Detective Hat BrownChallenge Pass Detective Hat Brown, Challenge Pass #3
Server AI
7 15
Free Outfit Gacha TicketChallenge Pass Outfit Gacha Ticket, Challenge Pass #4
Chie Kiyan
10 20
Famous DetectiveChallenge Pass Famous Detective, Challenge Pass #5
Server MI
20 50
NothingChallenge Pass No information, Challenge Pass #6
Little Sister
No information

Special EventsEdit

Detective PointsEdit

Detective Search

Detective Search

Press "Search" to start the investigation, during which you will receive Detective Points.

Gather rates for stages are always the same; 2 Stamina per step, 1.67% Advancement.

You gain +2 Detective Points per step.

Sometimes Aria will give you 25 Detective Points.

Challenging the Thief grants you 50 Detective Points per consecutive battle.

Your stamina recovers by 1 every 3 minutes.

Challenge the ThiefEdit

Challenge Pass

Challenge Pass

You can challenge the Thief (a boss) by pressing the "Challenge the Thief" button!

You need a "Challenge Pass" to do it. Press the "Search" to start the investigation - you will get a pass each time you clear the stage.

You can also get them from Sarali or Irara, unless one of Kanna's postcards interferes... After meeting Sarali or Irara, they'll disappear in 5 minutes.

You can recover your MyRoid's stamina required for the "Search" by using an Energy Drink.

Challenging the Thief is easy! If you fail to catch her a set number of times, you lose.

The number of times you must catch a thief is different for each one. If you fail to catch a thief, don't give up!

There is a 100% chance that you catch any thief (except the last one) by challenging her a certain number of times.

Tie-up GachaEdit

For this event, the Tie-Ups are Invitation to a Dream Gacha and Pretty Thief Gacha.

Item Image Bonus
Invitation to a Dream Gacha
Lovely Cover Lovely Cover PinkLovely Cover Blue Stamina +2
Consecutive Battle Chance +2%
Secret Curtain Secret Curtain PinkSecret Curtain Sky Stamina +2
Consecutive Battle Chance +2%
Sleep Dress Sleep Dress PinkSleep Dress Blue Stamina +3
Consecutive Battle Chance +3%
Drop Down Drop Down PinkDrop Down Navy Blue Stamina +3
Consecutive Battle Chance +3%
Lovely Bed Lovely Bed PinkLovely Bed Blue Stamina +4
Consecutive Battle Chance +4%
Happy Rabbits Happy RabbitsCrimson Rabbits Stamina +6
Consecutive Battle Chance +6%
Pretty Thief Gacha
Mysterious Thief LadyMysterious Thief Lady BlackMysterious Thief Lady White Stamina +2
Consecutive Battle Chance +2%
The Flower Thief The Flower Thief RedThe Flower Thief Green Stamina +2
Consecutive Battle Chance +2%
Classical Gallery Classical Gallery MorningClassical Gallery NoonClassical Gallery Evening Stamina +2
Consecutive Battle Chance +2%
Thief ExtrodinaireThief Extrodinaire BlackThief Extrodinaire Purple Stamina +4
Consecutive Battle Chance +4%

Early Clear CampaignEdit

Condition: Clear Stage 5 in 48 hours.

Detective Mice White

Detective Mice White

Detective Mice White

Event Limited Gacha/Item TraderEdit

You can use 100 Detective Points that you have collected to play the Event Limited Gacha. The items gained from this gacha can't be exchanged in the Mixer.

At the Item Trader you can exchange Detective Points for limited items.

Image Item Type Points
Elven Treasure Emerald Elven Treasure Emerald Other 3000
Elven Treasure Sapphire Elven Treasure Sapphire Other 3000
Elven Treasure Garnet Elven Treasure Garnet Other 3000
Elven Treasure Topaz Elven Treasure Topaz Other 3000
Elven Treasure Ruby Elven Treasure Ruby Other 3000
Elven Treasure Amethyst Elven Treasure Amethyst Other 3000
Elven Treasure Aquamarine Elven Treasure Aquamarine Other 3000
Elven Treasure Amber Elven Treasure Amber Other 3000
Detective Mice Gray Detective Mice Gray Other 50
Gear Scope Gold Gear Scope Gold Face Acc. 1000
Gear Scope Silver Gear Scope Silver Face Acc. 1000
Gear Scope Bronze Gear Scope Bronze Face Acc. 1000
Gear Scope Black Gear Scope Black Face Acc. 1000
Gear Scope Gold Red Lens Gear Scope Gold Red Lens Face Acc. 1000
Gear Scope Onyx Red Lens Gear Scope Onyx Red Lens Face Acc. 1000
Gear Scope Silver Purple Lens Gear Scope Silver Purple Lens Face Acc. 1000
Gear Scope Onyx Green Lense Gear Scope Onyx Green Lense Face Acc. 1000
Lady's Tuxedo Red Lady's Tuxedo Red Outfit 2000
Lady's Tuxedo Purple Lady's Tuxedo Purple Outfit 2000
Lady's Tuxedo Blue Lady's Tuxedo Blue Outfit 2000
Lady's Tuxedo Black Lady's Tuxedo Black Outfit 2000
Lady's Tuxedo Green Lady's Tuxedo Green Outfit 2000
Lady's Tuxedo Pink Lady's Tuxedo Pink Outfit 2000
Lady's Tuxedo Sky Lady's Tuxedo Sky Outfit 2000
Lady's Tuxedo Yellow Lady's Tuxedo Yellow Outfit 2000
Colorful Wish Blue Colorful Wish Blue Outfit 3000
Colorful Wish Green Colorful Wish Green Outfit 3000
Colorful Wish Pink Colorful Wish Pink Outfit 3000
Colorful Wish Purple Colorful Wish Purple Outfit 3000
Colorful Wish Yellow Colorful Wish Yellow Outfit 3000
Colorful Wish Black Colorful Wish Black Outfit 3000
Colorful Wish Red Colorful Wish Red Outfit 3000
Colorful Wish White Colorful Wish White Outfit 3000
Energy Drink Energy Drink Consumable N/A
Instant Lieutenant Instant Lieutenant Consumable N/A
Diligent Girl 5 Diligent Girl 5 Consumable N/A
Diligent Girl 10 Diligent Girl 10 Consumable N/A
Business Lady 5 Business Lady 5 Consumable N/A
Business Lady 10 Business Lady 10 Consumable N/A

Ranking AwardsEdit

Ranking is based on the total number of Detective Points you have gained.


Detective Hat Red

Detective Hat Red

Detective Hat Red,
Worried Detective

Worried Detective

Worried Detective


Worried Detective


Detective Hat Red


Diligent Girl 5 (×5)

Negotiator Hermit 5 (×5)

Daily Ranking AwardsEdit

The daily ranking resets every day at 05:00 AM JST.

1~20, 777Edit

Classical Gallery Night

Classical Gallery Night

Classical Gallery Night


The detectives that Trixie Bell called are references to other detective shows.

The two English gentlemen are likely to be Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, from the stories penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Doctor who is trying to save time and space is Dr. Who, from the British television show of the same name.

The famous Japanese detective that she called is supposed to be Kogoro Mouri from the anime "Detective Conan", but instead the child Conan Edogawa came, who is the real detective mind behind Kogoro's fame.