Glamorous Symphony Gacha Top
Glamorous Symphony Gacha
Type Number of Items Drop Rate
Clothes (Normal) 8 95%
Clothes (Rare) 6 5%
Rare++ Clothes (Normal) 8 75%
Rare++ Clothes (Rare) 6 25%
Sarali's Presents (Individual Clothes) 3 5%
Sarali's Presents (Shared Clothes) 48 95%

Normal Clothes

Image Item Type
Lightning Cutter Lightning Cutter Clothes
XIII Death Fear XIII Death Fear Clothes
Arabian Dress Purple Arabian Dress Purple Clothes
Crown Bunny Black Crown Bunny Black Clothes
Starry Dress Blue Starry Dress Blue Clothes
Cure Bride Cure Bride Clothes
Glamorous Idol Uniform Pink Glamorous Idol Uniform Pink Clothes
Skull Head Top Gold Skull Head Top Gold Clothes

Rare Clothes

Image Item Type
Recht Harmonics type Y Recht Harmonics type Y Clothes
Captain Gray Mark Captain Gray Mark Clothes
Tarta Cake Berry Tarta Cake Berry Clothes
Illusion Dancer Emerald Illusion Dancer Emerald Clothes
Captain Drake Captain Drake Clothes
Illusion Dancer Amber Illusion Dancer Amber Clothes

Individual Sarali's Clothes

Image Item Type
Symphonic Voice Symphonic Voice Clothes
Pirate Accessory Pirate Accessory Hair Accessory
Alluring Veil Amber Alluring Veil Amber Face Accessory

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