Gothic Dream Gacha Top
Gothic Dream Gacha
Type Number of Items Drop Rate
Clothes (Normal) 6 97.1%
Clothes (Rare) 4 2.9%
Accessories (Normal) 6 96%
Accessories (Rare) 4 4%
Rare++ Clothes (Normal) 6 30%
Rare++ Clothes (Rare) 4 70%
Rare++ Accessories (Normal) 6 40%
Rare++ Accessories (Rare) 4 60%
Sarali's Presents (Individual Clothes) 2 5%
Sarali's Presents (Shared Clothes) 48 95%
Sarali's Presents (Individual Accessories) 2 5%
Sarali's Presents (Shared Accessories) 48 95%

Normal Clothes

Image Item Type
Noble Black Noble Black Clothes
Noble White Noble White Clothes
Humble Black Humble Black Clothes
Humble Red Humble Red Clothes
Rabbit White Frill Rabbit White Frill Clothes
Blue Bear Frill Blue Bear Frill Clothes

Rare Clothes

Image Item Type
Navy Blue Two-piece Dress Navy Blue Two-piece Dress Clothes
Emerald Two-piece Dress Emerald Two-piece Dress Clothes
Rabbit Red Frill Rabbit Red Frill Clothes
Bear White Frill Bear White Frill Clothes

Normal Accessories

Image Item Type
Humble Black Hat Humble Black Hat Head Accessory
Humble Red Hat Humble Red Hat Head Accessory
Brown Chain Brown Chain Back Accessory
Rose White Frill Rose White Frill Head Accessory
White Frill Hat White Frill Hat Head Accessory
Black Frill Hat Black Frill Hat Head Accessory

Rare Accessories

Image Item Type
Black Chain Black Chain Back Accessory
Rose Red Frill Rose Red Frill Head Accessory
Star Lase Black Star Lase Black Head Accessory
Star Lase Peach Star Lase Peach Head Accessory

Individual Sarali's Clothes

Image Item Type
Teddy Bear Brown Teddy Bear Brown Clothes
Gothic Church Day Gothic Church Day Background

Individual Sarali's Accessories

Image Item Type
Teddy Bear Grey Teddy Bear Grey Clothes
Gothic Church Night Gothic Church Night Background

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