Magical Change Gacha Top
Magical Change Gacha
Type Number of Items Drop Rate
Clothes (Normal) 6 92%
Clothes (Rare) 4 8%
Accessories (Normal) 6 92%
Accessories (Rare) 4 8%
Rare++ Clothes (Normal) 6 60%
Rare++ Clothes (Rare) 4 40%
Rare++ Accessories (Normal) 6 56%
Rare++ Accessories (Rare) 4 44%
Sarali's Presents (Individual Clothes) 2 5%
Sarali's Presents (Shared Clothes) 48 95%
Sarali's Presents (Individual Accessories) 2 5%
Sarali's Presents (Shared Accessories) 48 95%

Normal Clothes

Image Item Type
Ancient Magical Arc Red Ancient Magical Arc Red Clothes
Ancient Magical Arc Pink Ancient Magical Arc Pink Clothes
Battle Wizard Purple Battle Wizard Purple Clothes
Battle Wizard Black Battle Wizard Black Clothes
Magical Wand Pink Magical Wand Pink Clothes
Magical Wand Yellow Magical Wand Yellow Clothes

Rare Clothes

Image Item Type
Robe of Light Blue Robe of Light Blue Clothes
Robe of Light Green Robe of Light Green Clothes
Forbidden Book Master Orange Forbidden Book Master Orange Clothes
Forbidden Book Master Green Forbidden Book Master Green Clothes

Normal Accessories

Image Item Type
Whiz Cap Orange Whiz Cap Orange Head Accessory
Whiz Cap Green Whiz Cap Green Head Accessory
Feather Charm Blue Feather Charm Blue Head Accessory
Feather Charm Green Feather Charm Green Head Accessory
Guardian Messenger Blue Bird Guardian Messenger Blue Bird Other
Guardian Messenger Black Bird Guardian Messenger Black Bird Other

Rare Accessories

Image Item Type
Ancient Magical Invocation Purple Ancient Magical Invocation Purple Back Accessory
Ancient Magical Invocation Yellow Ancient Magical Invocation Yellow Back Accessory
Dangerous Magical Books Dangerous Magical Books Other
Dangerous Magical Books Dark Arts Dangerous Magical Books Dark Arts Other

Individual Sarali's Clothes

Image Item Type
Holy Crystal of Destiny Blue Holy Crystal of Destiny Blue Clothes
Magical Library Night Magical Library Night Background

Individual Sarali's Accessories

Image Item Type
Holy Crystal of Destiny Pink Holy Crystal of Destiny Pink Clothes
Magical Library Evening Magical Library Evening Background

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