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Welcome to the MOE Can Change! Wiki

The MOE Can Change! Wiki is a wiki for information, guides and news related to the game MOE Can Change! (Japanese: 萌えCanちぇんじ!) the iOS and Android MyRoid raising game made by Ambition.

Latest News & Updates

Sarali 02


New Event!

  • The "Best Cook in Town" event has started!


Energy Drinks Limited Item Packs have been reset!

"Return to Wonderland" Event Rewards

  • Rewards have been sent to users' gift boxes.

"Return to Wonderland" After Event Page

  • The "Return to Wonderland" After Event Page will be available for 48 hours after the last maintenance ended.

Read the Past News.

Latest activityEdit

Event in progress:

Best Cook in Town banner

Latest Gacha:

European Costumes Gacha banner

The Forums

You can find the MOE Can Change! Wiki's Forums here. Click here to create your own account.

Forum Activity

Monthly Poll

Example:Do you like the new Double Candy item?

The poll was created at 19:12 on May 5, 2016, and so far 84 people voted.

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