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Welcome to the MOE Can Change! Wiki

The MOE Can Change! Wiki is a wiki for information, guides and news related to the game MOE Can Change! (Japanese: 萌えCanちぇんじ!) the iOS and Android MyRoid raising game made by Ambition.

Latest News & Updates

Irara 13


Hinamatsuri Login Bonus

  • A new Limited Login Bonus celebrating Hinamatsuri has begun! It is a one-time bonus with an incredible outfit for a gift!


New Event!

  • The Happy Hinamatsuri event has started!


Valentine Gift Login Bonus

  • To celebrate a Happy Valentine's Day for all MyRoids and Masters, a limited period Valentine Gift Login Bonus has begun!

Energy Drinks Limited Item Packs have been reset!

Angels & Demons of Valentine Rewards & After Event Page

  • Rewards have been sent to users' gift boxes.
  • The Angels & Demons of Valentine After Event Page will be available for 48 hours after the last maintenance ended.
  • Be sure to talk to your MyRoids via the After Event Page for a special Valentine's Day gift from them!

Read the Past News.

Latest activityEdit

Event in progress:

Happy Hinamatsuri banner

Friday: Kanna's Secret Shop is Open!
Kanna's Secret Shop Banner

Latest Gacha:

Night of the Butterfly banner

The Forums

You can find the MOE Can Change! Wiki's Forums here. Click here to create your own account.

Forum Activity

Monthly Poll

There is no poll for this month. Click here to create one!

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