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Welcome to the MOE Can Change! Wiki

The MOE Can Change! Wiki is a wiki for information, guides and news related to the game MOE Can Change! We're hard at work to ensure we provide the best resource for English speaking fans of MOE Can Change! on the internet, and are currently working on making this site look even better and easier to navigate via mobile devices.

What is MOE Can Change?

MOE Can Change! Myroid 4 Life (Japanese: 萌えCanちぇんじ!) is an iPhone and Android app game made by Ambition.
MOE Can Change! is a fun game that will allow you to create and raise your own perfect girl. You will be able to change her looks, clothes and personality, have conversations, go out and share a lot of wonderful moments together♪

–Doc, Hakase 01

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Hakase 04


New event!

  • "A Present from Santa" event has started!

New Gacha!

Energy Drinks Limited Item Packs have been reset!

"Clash of Dolls Event" Rewards

  • Rewards have been sent to users' gift boxes.

The following Gacha have ended:

Read the Past News.

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MOE Can Change! Cute girl raising game with over 1.5 million users in Japan now in English!

Event in progress:
A Present from Santa

A Present from Santa Banner

Saturday: Kanna's Secret Shop is Open!
Kanna's Secret Shop Banner

Latest Gacha:
Christmas 2014 Gacha

Christmas 2014 Gacha Banner

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