Shop premium1

A shop that provides a Premium Gacha containing exclusive outfits and AP consumables. It requires 1 Doc's Ticket to play, which can be bought at Girltendo, sold in a pack of 6 for 1000AP or received in the Doc's Recommendation packs. Additionally, if you already have a ticket, you cannot buy the pack until you have used all of the tickets you own beforehand.

Mix Gacha Edit

As of the 4/21/15 update, the Premium Gacha and its items have been converted to the Mix Gacha. Every day, you can play for 60 AP for one play, but after your first play, the price is 100 AP for one play.

Gacha ContentsEdit

Image Item Type
Added on 2014/08/22
Brilliant Stage Red Brilliant Stage Red Clothes
Brilliant Stage Blue Brilliant Stage Blue Clothes
Brilliant Stage Green Brilliant Stage Green Clothes
Brilliant Stage Yellow Brilliant Stage Yellow Clothes
Brilliant Stage Pink Brilliant Stage Pink Clothes
Brilliant Stage Sky Brilliant Stage Sky Clothes
Brilliant Stage Purple Brilliant Stage Purple Clothes
Brilliant Stage White Brilliant Stage White Clothes
Added on 2014/07/15
Flower Pajamas Pink Flower Pajamas Pink Clothes
Flower Pajamas Blue Flower Pajamas Blue Clothes
Flower Pajamas Green Flower Pajamas Green Clothes
Flower Pajamas Orange Flower Pajamas Orange Clothes
Flower Pajamas Purple Flower Pajamas Purple Clothes
Flower Pajamas Black Flower Pajamas Black Clothes
Flower Pajamas Brown Flower Pajamas Brown Clothes
Flower Pajamas White Flower Pajamas White Clothes
Added on 2014/06/17
Spring Fairy Princess Pink Spring Fairy Princess Pink Clothes
Spring Fairy Princess Green Spring Fairy Princess Green Clothes
Spring Fairy Princess Orange Spring Fairy Princess Orange Clothes
Spring Fairy Princess Yellow Spring Fairy Princess Yellow Clothes
Spring Fairy Princess Sky Spring Fairy Princess Sky Clothes
Spring Fairy Princess Blue Spring Fairy Princess Blue Clothes
Spring Fairy Princess Purple Spring Fairy Princess Purple Clothes
Spring Fairy Princess Black Spring Fairy Princess Black Clothes
Added on 2014/05/20
Battlefield Veteran Cap Green Battlefield Veteran Cap Green Head Accessory
Battlefield Veteran Cap Black Battlefield Veteran Cap Black Head Accessory
Battlefield Veteran Cap Gray Battlefield Veteran Cap Gray Head Accessory
Battlefield Veteran Cap Purple Battlefield Veteran Cap Purple Head Accessory
Battlefield Veteran Green Battlefield Veteran Green Clothes
Battlefield Veteran Black Battlefield Veteran Black Clothes
Battlefield Veteran Gray Battlefield Veteran Gray Clothes
Battlefield Veteran Purple Battlefield Veteran Purple Clothes
Imperial Wizard Red Imperial Wizard Red Clothes
Imperial Wizard Purple Imperial Wizard Purple Clothes
Imperial Wizard Sky Imperial Wizard Sky Clothes
Imperial Wizard Pink Imperial Wizard Pink Clothes
Imperial Wizard Black Imperial Wizard Black Clothes
Imperial Wizard Blue Imperial Wizard Blue Clothes
Imperial Wizard Yellow Imperial Wizard Yellow Clothes
Imperial Wizard Green Imperial Wizard Green Clothes
Added on 2014/04/22
Long Sweater Yellow Long Sweater Yellow Clothes
Long Sweater White Long Sweater White Clothes
Long Sweater Black Long Sweater Black Clothes
Long Sweater Red Long Sweater Red Clothes
Long Sweater Purple Long Sweater Purple Clothes
Long Sweater Green Long Sweater Green Clothes
Long Sweater Pink Long Sweater Pink Clothes
Long Sweater Blue Long Sweater Blue Clothes
Added on 2014/03/20
Premium Knitted Coat Brown Premium Knitted Coat Brown Clothes
Premium Knitted Coat Sky Premium Knitted Coat Sky Clothes
Premium Knitted Coat Yellow Premium Knitted Coat Yellow Clothes
Premium Knitted Coat Green Premium Knitted Coat Green Clothes
Premium Knitted Coat Pink Premium Knitted Coat Pink Clothes
Premium Knitted Coat Purple Premium Knitted Coat Purple Clothes
Premium Knitted Coat Black Premium Knitted Coat Black Clothes
Premium Knitted Coat Blue Premium Knitted Coat Blue Clothes
Added on 2014/02/13
Fighting Cross Green Fighting Cross Green Clothes
Fighting Cross Red Fighting Cross Red Clothes
Fighting Cross Yellow Fighting Cross Yellow Clothes
Fighting Cross Blue Fighting Cross Blue Clothes
Event Hall Morning Event Hall Morning Wallpaper
Event Hall Midday Event Hall Midday Wallpaper
Event Hall Evening Event Hall Evening Wallpaper
Event Hall Night Event Hall Night Wallpaper
Added on 2014/01/16
91701 1 AIMI Terminal Morning Wallpaper
91702 1 AIMI Terminal Day Wallpaper
91703 1 AIMI Terminal Evening Wallpaper
91704 1 AIMI Terminal Night Wallpaper
91711 1 Commuter Train Normal Wallpaper
91712 1 Commuter Train Express Wallpaper
91713 1 Commuter Train Super Express Wallpaper
91714 1 Commuter Train Last Train Wallpaper
Innocent Girl Pink Innocent Girl Pink Clothes
Innocent Girl Blue Innocent Girl Blue Clothes
Innocent Girl Yellow Innocent Girl Yellow Clothes
Innocent Girl Green Innocent Girl Green Clothes
Innocent Girl White Innocent Girl White Clothes
Innocent Girl Black Innocent Girl Black Clothes
Innocent Girl Red Innocent Girl Red Clothes
Innocent Girl Monochrome Innocent Girl Monochrome Clothes
Added on 2013/12/13
601111 1 Pure Girl Clothes
601112 1 Sincere Girl Clothes
601113 1 Innocent Girl Clothes
15511 1 Cute Feather Cap Orange Head Accessory
15512 1 Cute Feather Cap Red Head Accessory
15513 1 Cute Feather Cap Pink Head Accessory
15514 1 Cute Feather Cap Purple Head Accessory
15515 1 Cute Feather Cap Blue Head Accessory
15516 1 Cute Feather Cap Sky Head Accessory
15517 1 Cute Feather Cap Green Head Accessory
15518 1 Cute Feather Cap Yellow Head Accessory
601101 1 Arc-En-Ciel Orange Clothes
601102 1 Arc-En-Ciel Red Clothes
601103 1 Arc-En-Ciel Pink Clothes
601104 1 Arc-En-Ciel Purple Clothes
601105 1 Arc-En-Ciel Blue Clothes
601106 1 Arc-En-Ciel Sky Clothes
601107 1 Arc-En-Ciel Green Clothes
601108 1 Arc-En-Ciel Yellow Clothes
Added on 2013/12/04
600671 1 Dualism Black x White Clothes
600672 1 Dualism Red x Black Clothes
600673 1 Dualism White x Green Clothes
600674 1 Dualism Yellow x Black Clothes
600675 1 Dualism White x Blue Clothes
600676 1 Dualism Purple x White Clothes
600677 1 Dualism Pink x Rouge Clothes
600678 1 Dualism Black x Gray Clothes
Added on 2013/07/02
44611 1 Block Check Red Clothes
44612 1 Block Check Pink Clothes
44613 1 Block Check Blue Clothes
44614 1 Block Check Yellow Clothes
44615 1 Block Check Purple Clothes
44616 1 Block Check Green Clothes
44617 1 Block Check Black Clothes
44618 1 Block Check White Clothes

Removed Gacha ContentsEdit

Image Item Type
Mr Sandman Mr. Sandman Consumable
Sunny Honey Sunny Honey Consumable
Medical Robot Medical Robot Consumable