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☆Invite Friends and get Limited Clothes☆

If invited Friend joins MOE Can Change!, you will get 1500M as a present!!

There's more! Get Limited Costumes by inviting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 people!!

You'll receive the items in order, first the accessory then the outfit in the same color.

After receiving all 10 possible items, awards will be reset back to the first reward and you'll receive duplicates there after.

※You can find your referral code on the Invite Friends page.
※Your referral must complete the Prologue for you to receive your items.

Limited CostumesEdit

20160426 Refer Banner Fleurs De Printemps

  • 2016/01/26 to 2016/??/??
Item Colors
Ruban De Printemps

Ruban De Printemps Marron 21731 1 Ruban De Printemps Vert 21734 1 Ruban De Printemps Violet 21735 1 Ruban De Printemps Bleu 21733 1 Ruban De Printemps Rouge 21732 1

Fleurs De Printemps

Fleurs De Printemps Jaune 615341 1 Fleurs De Printemps Vert 615344 1 Fleurs De Printemps Voilet 615345 1 Fleurs De Printemps Bleu 615343 1 Fleurs De Printemps Rouge 615342 1

201601xx Refer Banner Balloon Skirt

  • 2016/01/?? to 2016/04/24
Item Colors
Winter Ribbon Hat

Winter Purple Ribbon Hat 19205 1 Winter Red Ribbon Hat 19204 1 Winter Blue Ribbon Hat 19203 1 Winter Black Ribbon Hat 19202 1 Winter Green Ribbon Hat 19201 1

Winter Balloon Skirt

Winter Balloon Skirt Purple 612265 1 Winter Balloon Skirt Red 612264 1 Winter Balloon Skirt Blue 612263 1 Winter Balloon Skirt Black 612262 1 Winter Balloon Skirt Green 612261 1

20150416 Refer Banner Spring Cat

  • 2015/04/16 to 2016/01/??
Item Colors
Spring Cat Cap

Spring Cat Cap Green 18305 1 Spring Cat Cap Yellow 18303 1 Spring Cat Cap Pink 18304 1 Spring Cat Cap Blue 18302 1 Spring Cat Cap Black 18301 1

Spring Off The Shoulder

Spring Off The Shoulder Green 608905 1 Spring Off The Shoulder Purple 608903 1 Spring Off The Shoulder Pink 608904 1 Spring Off The Shoulder White 608902 1 Spring Off The Shoulder Gray 608901 1

20150130 Refer Banner Cute Winter

  • 2015/01/30 to 2015/4/16
Item Colors
Cute Winter Earmuffs

Cute Winter Earmuffs Green 17953 1 Cute Winter Earmuffs White 17954 1 Cute Winter Earmuffs Blue 17952 1 Cute Winter Earmuffs Black 17955 1 Cute Winter Earmuffs Red 17951 1

Cute Winter Dress

Cute Winter Dress Green 607673 1 Cute Winter Dress White 607674 1 Cute Winter Dress Blue 607672 1 Cute Winter Dress Black 607675 1 Cute Winter Dress Red 607671 1

20140919 Refer Banner Maine Coon

  • 2014/09/19 to 2015/01/30
Item Colors
Maine Coon Hat

Maine Coon Hat Gray 17231 1 Maine Coon Hat White 17232 1 Maine Coon Hat Yellow 17233 1 Maine Coon Hat Black 17234 1 Maine Coon Hat Brown 17235 1

Maine Coon Casual

Maine Coon Casual Blue 605371 1 Maine Coon Casual Pink 605372 1 Maine Coon Casual Orange 605373 1 Maine Coon Casual Purple 605374 1 Maine Coon Casual Green 605375 1

20140410 Refer Banner Spring Cardigan

  • 2014/04/10 to 2014/09/19
Item Colors
First Flower Earrings

First Flower Earrings White First Flower Earrings Purple First Flower Earrings Sky First Flower Earrings Yellow First Flower Earrings Red

Spring Cardigan

Spring Cardigan Black Spring Cardigan Beige Spring Cardigan Blue Spring Cardigan Yellow Spring Cardigan Pink

20140122 Refer Banner Winter Lover

  • 2014/01/22 to 2014/04/10
Item Colors
Winter Beret

Winter Beret Orange Winter Beret Crimson Winter Beret Green Winter Beret Blue Winter Beret Pink

Winter Lover

Winter Lover Orange Winter Lover Crimson Winter Lover Green Winter Lover Blue Winter Lover Pink

20130801 Refer Banner Smart Cutie

  • 2013/08/01 to 2014/01/22
Item Colors
Cutie Boater

Cutie Boater Purple Cutie Boater Blue Cutie Boater Green Cutie Boater Black Cutie Boater Red

Stylish Cutie

Stylish Cutie Purple Stylish Cutie Blue Stylish Cutie Green Stylish Cutie Black Stylish Cutie Pink

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