Server MIs Knitting Challenge

Server MI's Knitting Challenge?Edit

It's part of the new and improved AIMI Shop!

You can exchange any of your duplicate, or unwanted outfits for materials, which I can then use to make brand new clothes!


Lots of materials are needed to use Server MI's Knitting Challenge.

You can exchange any of your duplicate or unwanted outfits for three materials: Thread, Cloth and Buttons.

Please note that different outfits give different amounts of materials when exchanged! Also, different types of outfits can be exchanged for different amounts of Thread, Cloth and Buttons so keep this in mind when you exchange your unwanted or duplicate outfits.

Outfit Types Exchanged Materials
Thread Cloth Buttons
Head Accessory 2 4 3
Face Accessory 1 2 3
Body (Clothes) 5 3 4
Back Accessory 4 5 3
Wall (Background) 4 4 4
Other Accessory 4 2 3
Wigs (Bangs & Hair) 6 1 1

Rare outfits/accessories can give out multiple times the number of each material (compared to the numbers above) if you exchange them.

Note that certain Event Exchange Items may have slightly higher amounts of materials obtainable (such as 1 more of each material compared to items of the same type) if you exchange them at the Knitting Challenge, but these are usually exceptions and rare occurrences.

These types of outfits give out double (x2) the number of materials per exchange:

  • Event Early Clear Outfits
  • Event Ranking Award Outfits
  • Event Achievement Award Outfits
  • Rare Items from Thematic Gachas

These types of outfits give out triple (x3) the number of materials per exchange:

  • Individual Sarali Presents from Thematic Gachas

Give Materials to Server MI?Edit

If you give me your gathered materials, I can make you some new outfits and accessories with them!

The amount of time it takes depends on how much material you give me.

There is a minimum limit though. I need at least 10 of each material to make you something.

But the longer I take, the more amazing the final product will be.

If you think I'm taking too long, just give me an Energy Drink and I'll work even faster!

MI Knitting
I am currently hard at work! Please wait until I am finished.

–Server MI

Material Combination ListEdit

You can narrow down the outfit created by giving the specific amounts of items below.

Sometimes this process fails and you'll get a different outfit.

Material Gacha (recolor)
Thread Cloth Buttons
10 10 10 Login Bonus Stamp Cards
10 10 10 Knitting Challenge Exclusives
10 58 10 Sweets Party!!
60 30 40 Traditional Costumes
30 15 60 Pleasant Amusement
50 20 60 Starry Night Fantasia
20 20 30 Invitation to a Dream
80 40 10 1000 & 1 Nights
40 50 90 The Demon Scrolls
90 55 87 Fantasy Doll
90 60 50 Defiant Soul
90 60 32 Idol Summit
80 70 60 Magical Melody

Time DistributionEdit

The knitting time depends on what type of item and the rarity.

Type 0:10 0:15 0:20 0:30 0:60 1:45 2:30
6:00 6:30 7:00 8:00
Old Login Bonus (Hat, Face)
Star Earrings
Heart Earrings
Arrange Hat
Old Login Bonus (Back)
Old Login Bonus (Outfit)
Loose Coat
Warm Poncho
Field Cap with Goggles
Elven Headband
Japanese Style Hair Ornament
Stylish Coat
Elven Archer
Mini Hakama
Normal Accessory
Rare Accessory
Normal Clothes
Rare Clothes
Sarali Clothes

Knitting Results Item ListEdit

Login Bonus Stamp CardsEdit

These items are from the old the Login Bonus Stamp Cards.

Name Image Type
AI's Recommendation
Cybernetic Cable Cybernetic Cable Blue 51771 1Cybernetic Cable Green 51772 1Cybernetic Cable Purple 51773 1Cybernetic Cable Red 51774 1Other
Helmet with Goggles Helmet with Goggles Yellow 15781 1Helmet with Goggles Purple 15782 1Helmet with Goggles Emerald 15783 1Helmet with Goggles White-Red 15784 1
Helmet with Goggles Red 15785 1Helmet with Goggles Blue 15786 1Helmet with Goggles Green 15787 1Helmet with Goggles White-Yellow 15788 1
Head Accessory
Japanese Style Maid Japanese Style Maid Purple 601691 1Japanese Style Maid Blue 601692 1Japanese Style Maid Green 601693 1Japanese Style Maid Red 601694 1 Clothes
MI's Recommendation
Stylish Goggles Stylish Goggles Yellow 15791 1Stylish Goggles Red 15792 1Stylish Goggles Blue 15793 1Stylish Goggles Green 15794 1
Stylish Goggles Purple 15795 1Stylish Goggles Pink 15796 1Stylish Goggles Black 15797 1Stylish Goggles See Through 15798 1
Head Accessory
Cute Ribbon Trousers Pink Cute Ribbon Trousers Pink 601701 1Cute Ribbon Trousers Red 601702 1Cute Ribbon Trousers Yellow 601703 1Cute Ribbon Trousers White 601704 1
Cute Ribbon Trousers Green 601705 1Cute Ribbon Trousers Blue 601706 1Cute Ribbon Trousers Purple 601707 1Cute Ribbon Trousers Gray 601708 1
Lucky Fox Mask Black Lucky Fox Mask White 15911 1Lucky Fox Mask Black 15912 1 Head Accessory
Kanna's Recommendation
Rose Dancer Hat Rose Dancer Hat Red 15801 1Rose Dancer Hat Pink 15802 1Rose Dancer Hat Purple 15803 1Rose Dancer Hat Blue 15804 1
Rose Dancer Hat Yellow 15805 1Rose Dancer Hat White 15806 1Rose Dancer Hat Black Red 15807 1Rose Dancer Hat Violet 15808 1
Head Accessory
Rose Dancer Rose Dancer Red 601711 1Rose Dancer Pink 601712 1Rose Dancer Purple 601713 1Rose Dancer Blue 601714 1
Rose Dancer Orange 601715 1Rose Dancer White 601716 1Rose Dancer Black 601717 1Rose Dancer Violet 601718 1
Torero Matador Torero Matador Morado 601731 1Torero Matador Azul 601732 1Torero Matador Verde 601733 1Torero Matador Cafe 601734 1
Torero Matador Celeste 601735 1Torero Matador Rojo 601736 1Torero Matador Black 601737 1Torero Matador Blanca 601738 1
School Rock School Rock Sky 601723 1School Rock Gray 601722 1School Rock Purple Clothes
Doc's Recommendation
Lolita Dress Lolita Dress Pink 601681 1Lolita Dress Blue 601682 1Lolita Dress Purple 601683 1Lolita Dress Green 601684 1
Lolita Dress Yellow 601685 1Lolita Dress Red 601686 1Lolita Dress Peach 601687 1Lolita Dress Black 601688 1
Defrag Man In Use Defrag Man In Use 21131 1 Other
Sloppy Researcher Sloppy Researcher Sky 601671 1Sloppy Researcher Red 601672 1Sloppy Researcher Pink 601673 1Sloppy Researcher Blue 601674 1 Clothes

Knitting Challenge ExclusivesEdit

These items are Knitting Challenge exclusive items that can be created.

Image Item Type
Star Earrings Star Earrings Yellow 21551 1Star Earrings Blue 21552 1Star Earrings Green 21553 1Star Earrings Red 21554 1 Face Accessory
Heart Earrings Heart Earrings Pink 21561 1Heart Earrings Purple 21562 1Heart Earrings Red 21563 1Heart Earrings White 21564 1 Face Accessory
Field Cap with Goggles Field Cap with Goggles Brown 18271 1Field Cap with Goggles Red 18272 1Field Cap with Goggles Blue 18273 1Field Cap with Goggles Black 18274 1 Head Accessory
Elven Headband Elven Headband Purple 18281 1Elven Headband Sky 18282 1Elven Headband Red 18283 1Elven Headband Green 18284 1 Head Accessory
Traditional Clip Traditional Clip Purple 18291 1Traditional Clip Green 18292 1Traditional Clip Blue 18293 1Traditional Clip Orange 18294 1 Head Accessory
Derby Hat Derby Hat Black 18321 1Derby Hat Red 18322 1Derby Hat Pink 18323 1Derby Hat Aqua 18324 1
Derby Hat Ocean Blue 18325 1Derby Hat Chocolate Brown 18326 1Derby Hat Purple 18327 1Derby Hat White 18328 1
Head Accessory
Nice and Warm Poncho Nice and Warm Poncho Brown 606891 1Nice and Warm Poncho Pink 606892 1Nice and Warm Poncho Blue 606893 1Nice and Warm Poncho White 606894 1 Clothes
Loose Coat Black Loose Coat Black 606901 1Loose Coat Blue 606902 1Loose Coat Red 606903 1Loose Coat Green 606904 1 Clothes
Stylish Coat Stylish Coat Brown 608861 1Stylish Coat Red 608862 1Stylish Coat Blue 608863 1Stylish Coat Black 608864 1 Clothes
Elven Archer Elven Archer Purple 608871 1Elven Archer Sky 608872 1Elven Archer Red 608873 1Elven Archer Green 608874 1 Clothes
Mini Hakama Mini Hakama Purple 608881 1Mini Hakama Green 608882 1Mini Hakama Blue 608883 1Mini Hakama Orange 608884 1 Clothes

Sweets Party!! Gacha RecolorsEdit

These items are from the unreleased Sweets Party!! Gacha. They are also available from the AIMI Mixer.

Icon Name Type Time
Candy Hat RoseHead Accessory2:30
Candy Hat LemonHead Accessory2:30
Macron Whip BitterHead Accessory3:00/5:00
Macron Whip BlackHead Accessory3:00
Ribbon Cake Hat BitterHead Accessory3:00
Ribbon Cake Hat MilkHead Accessory3:00
Party Treat BlueberryHead Accessory2:00
Party Treat RaspberryHead Accessory2:30
Confectionery Accessory OrangeHead Accessory
Confectionery Accessory GreenHead Accessory2:30
Tarta Cake StrawberryClothes6:00
Tarta Cake Green TeaClothes6:00/6:30
Candy Lop Rose
Candy Lop RoseClothes6:30
Candy Lop LemonClothes6:30
Decoration Whip Bitter
Decoration Whip BitterClothes8:00
Decoration Whip BlackClothes8:00
Fluffy Flush ChocolateClothes4:00
Fluffy Flush Green TeaClothes4:00
Chocolate Chocolate BitterClothes6:00
Chocolate Chocolate MilkClothes6:00
Party Mousse BlueberryClothes4:00
Party Mousse RaspberryClothes4:00
Pastry Honey BrownClothes4:00
Pastry Honey Green TeaClothes4:00
Sugar Rabbit Chocolate
Sugar Rabbit ChocolateOther6:00
Sugar Rabbit Milk
Sugar Rabbit MilkOther6:00
Chocolate Mice Bitter
Chocolate Mice BitterOther6:00
Chocolate Mice Milk
Chocolate Mice MilkOther6:00

Traditional Costumes Gacha RecolorsEdit

These items are gacha recolors from the Traditional Costumes Gacha. They are also available from the AIMI Mixer.

Icon Name Type Time
Hungarian Maid Headcloth Purple
Hungarian Maid Headcloth PurpleHead Accessory2:30
Hungarian Maid Headcloth Red
Hungarian Maid Headcloth RedHead Accessory2:30
Attus Band Black
Attus Band BlackHead Accessory2:30
Attus Band Purple
Attus Band PurpleHead Accessory2:30
Babushka Brown
Babushka BrownHead Accessory2:30
Babushka White
Babushka WhiteHead Accessory2:30
Tribal Band Jade
Tribal Band JadeHead Accessory3:00
Tribal Band Red
Tribal Band RedHead Accessory3:00
Miao Father Hat Green
Miao Father Hat GreenHead Accessory3:00/5:00
Miao Father Hat Purple
Miao Father Hat PurpleHead Accessory3:00
Arabian Dress Crimson
Arabian Dress CrimsonClothes4:00
Arabian Dress Blue
Arabian Dress BlueClothes4:00
Attus Black
Attus BlackClothes4:00
Attus Purple
Attus PurpleClothes4:00
Sarafan Brown
Sarafan BrownClothes4:00
Sarafan Light Blue
Sarafan Light BlueClothes4:00
Hungarian Maid Alida
Hungarian Maid AlidiaClothes6:00
Hungarian Maid Irmuska
Hungarian Maid IrmuskaClothes6:00
Hmong Black x Red
Hmong Black x RedClothes6:00
Hmong White x Green
Hmong White x GreenClothes6:00
Ao Dai White
Ao Dai WhiteClothes8:00
Ao Dai Pink
Ao Dai PinkClothes8:00
Indian Force
Indian ForceClothes8:00
Indian Hope
Indian HopeClothes8:00
Stamp Frame Blue
Stamp Frame BlueOther6:00
Stamp Frame Brown
Stamp Frame BrownOther6:00
Arabian Lamp B Smoke Gold
Arabian Lamp B Smoke GoldOther
Arabian Lamp B Smoke Silver
Arabian Lamp B Smoke SilverOther6:00

Pleasant Amusement Gacha RecolorsEdit

These items are gacha recolors from the Pleasant Amusement Gacha. They are also available from the MOE Can Casino.

Icon Name Type Time
Premium Crown GreenHead Accessory2:30
Premium Crown Purple
Premium Crown PurpleHead Accessory2:30
Bunny Girl Ears Fuchsia
Bunny Girl Ears FuchiaHead Accessory2:30
Bunny Girl Ears Green
Bunny Girl Ears GreenHead Accessory2:30
Card Collecting Girl Black
Card Collecting Girl BlackClothes4:00
Card Collecting Girl Purple
Card Collecting Girl PurpleClothes4:00
Royal China Pure
Royal China PureClothes4:00
Royal China Chilly
Royal China ChillyClothes4:00
Crown Bunny Blue
Crown Bunny BlueClothes4:00
Crown Bunny White
Crown Bunny WhiteClothes4:00
Card Dealer Fuchsia
Card Dealer FuchsiaClothes6:00
Card Dealer Green
Card Dealer GreenClothes6:00
Card Dealer Black
Card Dealer BlackClothes6:00
Sexy Crown Lady Red
Sexy Crown Lady RedClothes6:00
Sexy Royal Lady Blue
Sexy Royal Lady BlueClothes6:00
Chip Faster Pink
Chip Faster PinkClothes6:00
Chip Faster Red
Chip Faster RedClothes6:00
Premium green
Premium GreenClothes8:00
Premium Purple
Premium PurpleClothes8:00
Lion Dice! Purple
Lion Dice! PurpleOther3:30
Lion Dice! Green
Lion Dice! GreenOther3:30
Falling Wealth Gray
Falling Wealth GrayOther6:00
Falling Wealth Blue
Falling Wealth BlueOther6:00
Roulette Table Blue
Roulette Table BlueOther6:00
Roulette Table Purple
Roulette Table PurpleOther6:00
MOE CAN CASINO Type 3Background7:00
MOE CAN CASINO Type 4Background7:00

Starry Night Fantasia Gacha RecolorsEdit

These items are gacha recolors from the Starry Night Fantasia Gacha.

Icon Name Type Time
Feather Fantasia Pink Head
Feather Fantasia PinkHead Accessory2:30
Feather Fantasia Crimson
Feather Fantasia CrimsonHead Accessory2:30
Starry Cap Pink
Starry Cap PinkHead Accessory2:30
Starry Cap White
Starry Cap WhiteHead Accessory2:29
Judgment Purple
Judgment PurpleBack Accessory8:00
Judgement Yellow
Judgment YellowBack Accessory8:00
Emerald Starry Alchemist
Emerald Starry AlchemistClothes4:00
Golden Starry Alchemist
Golden Starry AlchemistClothes3:59
Starry Dress Pink
Starry Dress PinkClothes4:00
Starry Dress White
Starry Dress White Clothes4:00
Star Etoile Green
Star Etoile GreenClothes4:00
Star Etoile Blue
Star Etoile BlueClothes3:59
Twinkle Star Blue
Twinkle Star BlueClothes6:30
Twinkle Star Pink
Twinkle Star PinkClothes6:30
Stardust Star Road Crimson
Stardust Star Road CrimsonClothes6:00
Stardust Star Road Blue
Stardust Star Road BlueClothes6:30
Feather Fantasia Pink Body
Feather Fantasia PinkClothes6:00
Feather Fantasia Crimson Body
Feather Fantasia CrimsonClothes6:30
Twin Blade Stardust Royal Star
Twin Blade Stardust Royal StarClothes8:00
Twin Blade Stardust Shadow Star
Twin Blade Stardust Shadow StarClothes8:00
Stardust Type4
Starlight type3Other3:30
Starlight type 4
Starlight type4Other3:30
Sari Star Spirit
Sari Star SpiritOther5:59
Chiri Star Spirit
Chiri Star SpiritOther6:00
Starry Night Fantasia type 3
Starry Night Fantasia type 3Background7:00
Starry Night Fantasia Type 4
Starry Night Fantasia Type 4Background7:00

Invitation to a Dream Gacha Recolors Edit

These items are gacha recolors from the Invitation to a Dream Gacha.

Icon Name Type Time
Sleepy Bonbon Sky
Sleepy Bonbon SkyHead Accessory2:30
Sleepy Bonbon Brown
Sleepy Bonbon BrownHead Accessory2:30
Kitty Eye Mask Purple
Kitty Eye Mask PurpleHead Accessory2:30
Kitty Eye Mask Grey
Kitty Eye MaskHead Accessory2:30
Kitten Pajamas Purple
Kitten Pajamas PurpleClothes4:00
Kitten Pajamas Grey
Kitten Pajamas GreyClothes4:00
Blink Dress Green
Blink Dress GreenClothes4:00
Blink Dress Purple
Blink Dress PurpleClothes4:00
Alarm Bell Pink
Alarm Bell PinkClothes4:00
Alarm Bell Green
Alarm Bell GreenClothes4:00
Sleep Dress Orange
Sleep Dress OrangeClothes6:00
Sleep Dress Purple
Sleep Dress PurpleClothes6:00
Drop Down Brown
Drop Down BrownClothes6:30
2015-10-14 16.36.08
Drop Down SkyClothes6:30
Minty Rabbits
Minty RabbitsClothes8:00
Sandy Rabbits
Sandy RabbitsClothes8:00
Lovely Cover Orange
Lovely Cover OrangeOther6:00
Lovely Cover Purple
Lovely Cover PurpleOther6:30
Secret Curtain Purple
Secret Curtain PurpleOther6:00
Secret Curtain White
Secret Curtain WhiteOther6:00
Funny Pierrot Type 3
Funny Pierrot Type 3Back Accessory3:00
Funny Pierrot Type 4
Funny Pierrot Type 4Back Accessory3:00
Lovely Bed Orange
Lovely Bed OrangeBackground7:00-8:00
Lovely Bed Purple
Lovely Bed PurpleBackground7:00-8:00

1000 & 1 Nights Gacha Recolors Edit

These items are gacha recolors from the 1000 & 1 Nights Gacha.

Icon Name Type Time
Alluring Veil SapphireAlluring Veil SapphireFace Accessory
Alluring Veil AmberAlluring Veil Amber Face Accessory
Onyx VeilAlluring Veil Onyx Face Accessory
Mystical Turban OrangeMystical Turban OrangeHead Accessory2:30
Mystical Turban PurpleMystical Turban PurpleHead Accessory2:30
Alluring Tiara BlueAlluring Tiara BlueHead Accessory2:30
Alluring Tiara PurpleAlluring Tiara PurpleHead Accessory2:30
Oasis Treasure BlueOasis Treasure BlueBack Accessory5:30
OasisOasis Treasure BlackBack Accessory5:30
Desert Princess SapphireDesert Princess SapphireClothes4:00
Desert Princess OnyxDesert Princess OnyxClothes4:00
Arabian Merchant OrchidArabian Merchant OrchidClothes4:00
Arabian Merchant GerberaArabian Merchant GerberaClothes4:00
Sand Spirit PurpleSand Spirit PurpleClothes4:00
Sand Spirit TurquoiseSand Spirit TurquoiseClothes4:00
Illusion Dancer AmberIllusion Dancer AmberClothes6:00
Illusion Dancer Cobalt BlueIllusion Dancer Cobalt BlueClothes6:00
Illusion Dancer AmethystIllusion Dancer AmethystClothes6:00
Mirage Conjurer PurpleMirage Conjurer PurpleClothes6:30
Mirage Conjurer Green Mirage Conjurer GreenClothes6:30
Thief Champion OrangeThief Champion OrangeClothes8:00
2015-10-14 16.37.14Thief Champion PurpleClothes8:00
Lamp Genie FlameLamp Genie FlameOther6:00
2015-10-14 16.37.47Lamp Genie SkyOther6:00
Arabian Desert Morning 91281 1 Arabian Desert MorningBackground7:00-8:00H
Arabian Desert Evening 91283 1 Arabian Desert Evening Background7:00-8:00H

The Demon Scrolls Gacha Recolors Edit

These items are gacha recolors from the The Demon Scrolls Gacha.

Icon Name Type Time
2015-10-14 15.15.29Spider Lily Hair OrnamentHead Accessory2:30-3:00
Flaming Wheels PurpleFlaming Wheels PurpleBack Accessory2:30-3:00
2015-10-14 19.17.04Demon's Gate Guardian PurpleClothes4:00-4:30
Coast Woman BlackCoast Woman BlackClothes4:00-4:30
Pillow Flipper BluePillow Flipper BlueClothes4:00-4:30
Photo Sep 11, 11 34 22 AMNight Sparrow PinkClothes6:00-6:30
Dignified Doll Blue Dignified Doll BlueClothes6:00-6:30
Weasel Demons Lanterns BlackWeasel Demons Lanterns BlackOther6:00
Cursed Cloud Mirror RedCursed Cloud Mirror RedOther6:00

Fantasy Doll Gacha RecolorsEdit

These items are gacha recolors from the Fantasy Doll Gacha.

Icon Name Type Time
Fairy Tale Star Hat Green Fairy Tale Star Hat GreenHead Accessory2:30
Fairy Tale Star Hat Blue
Fairy Tale Star Hat BlueHead Accessory2:30
Falling Star Bunny Blue
Falling Star Bunny BlueHead Accessory2:30
Falling Star Bunny Purple
Falling Star Bunny PurpleHead Accessory2:30
Falling Star Dresser Blue
Falling Star Dresser BlueOther5:30
Falling Star Dresser Purple
Falling Star Dresser PurpleOther5:30
Dreaming Cat Sith Purple
Dreaming Cat Sith PurpleClothes4:00
Dreaming Cat Sith Yellow
Dreaming Cat Sith YellowClothes4:00
Fairy Tale Overlord Pink
Fairy Tale Overload PinkClothes4:00
Fairy Tale Overload Orange
Fairy Tale Overload OrangeClothes4:00
Patchwork Bubbles Yellow
Patchwork Bubbles YellowClothes4:00
Photo Sep 20, 2 08 57 AM
Patchwork Bubbles GreenClothes4:00
Fairy Tale Chic Dress Green
Fairy Tale Chic Dress GreenClothes6:00
Fairy Tale Chic Dress Pink
Fairy Tale Chic Dress PinkClothes6:30
Falling Star Bunny Blue
Falling Star Bunny BlueClothes6:00/6:30
Falling Star Bunny Purple (Outfit)
Falling Star Bunny PurpleClothes6:00/6:30
Miraculous Dream Blue
Miraculous Dream BlueClothes8:00
Miraculous Dream Pink
Miraculous Dream PinkClothes8:00
Twilight Starry Sky Moon
Twilight Starry Sky MoonBackground8:00
Twilight Starry Sky Evening
Twilight Starry Sky EveningBackground8:00
Dreamful Unicorn Purple
Dreamful Unicorn PurpleOther3:30
Dreamful Unicorn Blue
Dreamful Unicorn BlueOther3:30
Magical Window Green
Magical Window GreenOther6:00
Magical Cloudy Window Blue
Magical Cloudy Window BlueOther6:00

Defiant Soul Gacha Recolors Edit

These items are gacha recolors from the Defiant Soul Gacha.

Icon Name Type Time
Elegant Sofa CreamElegant Sofa CreamBack Accessory5:30
Elegant Sofa White 51183 1 Elegant Sofa WhiteBack Accessory5:30
Punkish Bunny BlackPunkish Bunny BlackBack Accessory3:30
Punkish Bunny TurqPunkish Bunny TurquoiseBack Accessory3:30
Chic Wine Table Yellow Chic Wine Table YellowOther6:00
Chic Wine Table WhiteChic Wine Table WhiteOther6:00
Punkish Electric Guitar RedPunkish Electric Guitar RubyOther3:30
Punkish Electric Guitar JadeitePunkish Electric Guitar JadeiteOther3:30
Punkanimals2Punk Animals PinkOther3:30
PunkanimalsskyPunk Animals SkyOther3:30
Cat Devil Rocker BlueCat Devil Rocker BlueClothes6:00
Cat Devil Rocker RedCat Devil Rocker RedClothes6:00
Gothic Separate BlueGothic Separate BlueClothes4:00
Gothic Separate PurpleGothic Separate PurpleClothes4:00
Gothic Punk Rabbit RedGothic Punk Rabbit RedClothes6:00
Gothic Punk Rabbit BlueGothic Punk Rabbit BlueClothes6:00
Skull Head Top WhiteSkull Head Top WhiteClothes4:00
Skull Head Top RedSkull Head Top RedClothes4:00
Defiant Soul Punk Bear Dress WhitePunk Bear Dress WhiteClothes4:00
Defiant Soul Punk Bear Dress Yellow IconPunk Bear Dress YellowClothes4:00
Punkish Requiem PinkPunkish Requiem PinkClothes8:00
Punkish Requiem BluePunkish Requiem BlueClothes8:00
Defiant Soul Punkish Room MorningPunkish Room MorningBackground8:00
Punkish room nightPunkish Room NightBackground8:00

Idol Summit Gacha RecolorsEdit

These items are gacha recolors from the unreleased Idol Summit Gacha.

Icon Name Type Time
On Air Headset Yellow
On Air Headset YellowHead Accessory2:29
Screenshot 2017-11-18-23-12-32-1-1
On Air Headset BlueHead Accessory2:30
Lovely Mutton Cap Black
Lovely Mutton Cap BlackHead Accessory3:00/


Lovely Mutton Cap Blue
Lovely Mutton Cap BlueHead Accessory3:00
Screenshot 2017-11-10-18-06-24-1-1
Twinkle Stars GreenOther3:30
Twinkle Stars Blue
Twinkle Stars BlueOther3:30
Blue microphone idol summit
Idol Microphone BlueOther3:30
Idols Mic Purple
Idol Microphone PurpleOther3:30
Moe Can Signature Red
Moe Can Signature RedOther3:00
Moe Can Signature Green
Moe Can Signature GreenOther3:00
Sexy Idol Princess Yellow
Sexy Idol Princess YellowClothes6:30
Sexy Idol Princess Pink
Sexy Idol Princess PinkClothes6:30
Lovely Mitten Dress Black
Lovely Mitten Dress BlackClothes6:00
Lovely Mitten Dress Blue
Lovely Mitten Dress BlueClothes6:30
Glamorous Idol Uniform Black
Glamorous Idol Uniform BlackClothes4:00
Glamorous Idol Uniform Blue
Glamorous Idol Uniform BlueClothes4:00
Idol Maniac Blue
Idol Maniac BlueClothes4:00
Idol Maniacs Purple
Idol Maniac PurpleClothes4:00
Cool Boyish Style Yellow
Cool Boyish Style YellowClothes4:00
Cool Boyish Style Purple
Cool Boyish Style PurpleClothes4:00
Magical Starlight BlueClothes8:00
Magical Starlight Green
Magical Starlight GreenClothes8:00
Let's Live! Red
Let's Live! RedBackground8:00
Lets live blue
Let's Live! BlueBackground8:00

Magical Melody Gacha Recolors Edit

These items are gacha recolors from the Magical Melody Gacha.

Icon Name Type Time
Healing Harp Performer Brown 49411 1Healing Harp Performer Brown Clothes4:00
Healing Harp Performer Blue 49413 1Healing Harp Performer Blue Clothes4:00
Impulse Cymbals Blue 49422 1Impulse Cymbals Blue Clothes4:00
Impulse Cymbals Red 49423 1Impulse Cymbals Red Clothes4:00
Magical Horn Sapphire 49442 1Magical Horn Sapphire Clothes4:00
Magical Horn Pearl 49444 1Magical Horn Pearl Clothes4:00
Symphonic Concert Master Sky 49402 1Symphonic Concert Master Sky Clothes6:30
Symphonic Concert Master Night 49404 1Symphonic Concert Master Night Clothes6:30
Charming Cello Red 49433 1Charming Cello RedClothes6:30
Charming Cello Sky 49434 1Charming Cello Sky Clothes6:30
Music Stand White Practice 301523 1Music Stand White Practice Other3:30
Music Stand White Performance 301524 1Music Stand White Performance Other3:30
Cheerful Ducks Rest 301533 1Cheerful Ducks Rest Other3:30
Cheerful Ducks Performance 301534 1Cheerful Ducks PerformanceOther3:30
In charge of the Symphony Brown 15061 1In charge of the Symphony Brown Head Accessory2:30
In charge of the Symphony Blue 15063 1In charge of the Symphony Blue Head Accessory2:30
Musician from the Wonderland Blue&Red 15052 1Musician from the Wonderland Blue&Red Head Accessory5:00/


Musician from the Wonderland Black&White 15053 1Musician from the Wonderland Black&White Head Accessory5:30
Leading the Shadows Brown 51272 1Leading the Shadows Brown Back Accessory5:30
Leading the Shadows Gold 51274 1Leading the Shadows Gold Back Accessory5:30
Magical Baton Black 49392 1Magical Baton Black Clothes8:00
Magical Baton Pink 49393 1Magical Baton PinkClothes8:00
Piano Room Evening 91432 1Piano Room EveningBackground8:00
Piano Room Midnight
Piano Room MidnightBackground8:00

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