Shared Sarali's ClothesEdit

Image Item Type
Fraulein Pink 606161 1 Fraulein Pink Outfit
Fraulein Yellow 606162 1 Fraulein Yellow Outfit
Fraulein Green 606163 1 Fraulein Green Outfit
Fraulein Black 606164 1 Fraulein Black Outfit
Argyle Vest Blue 606171 1 Argyle Vest Blue Outfit
Argyle Vest Red 606172 1 Argyle Vest Red Outfit
Argyle Vest Green 606173 1 Argyle Vest Green Outfit
Argyle Vest Purple 606174 1 Argyle Vest Purple Outfit
Heart-warming Roomwear Pink 606181 1 Heart-warming Roomwear Pink Outfit
Heart-warming Roomwear Purple 606182 1 Heart-warming Roomwear Purple Outfit
Heart-warming Roomwear Blue 606183 1 Heart-warming Roomwear Blue Outfit
Heart-warming Roomwear Yellow 606184 1 Heart-warming Roomwear Yellow Outfit
Colorful Outfit Emerald 606191 1 Colorful Outfit Emerald Outfit
Colorful Outfit Pink 606192 1 Colorful Outfit Pink Outfit
Colorful Outfit Yellow 606193 1 Colorful Outfit Yellow Outfit
Colorful Outfit Gray 606194 1 Colorful Outfit Gray Outfit

Shared Sarali's AccessoriesEdit

Image Item Type
Gentle Cap Orange 17501 1 Gentle Cap Orange Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Red 17502 1 Gentle Cap Red Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Green 17503 1 Gentle Cap Green Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Blue 17504 1 Gentle Cap Blue Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Emerald 17505 1 Gentle Cap Emerald Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Purple 17506 1 Gentle Cap Purple Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Black 17507 1 Gentle Cap Black Head Accessory
Gentle Cap Pink 17508 1 Gentle Cap Pink Head Accessory
Stylish Canotier Blue 17511 1 Stylish Canotier Blue Head Accessory
Stylish Canotier Pink 17512 1 Stylish Canotier Pink Head Accessory
Stylish Canotier Yellow 17513 1 Stylish Canotier Yellow Head Accessory
Stylish Canotier White 17514 1 Stylish Canotier White Head Accessory
Shoulder Tanuki Brown 303821 1 Shoulder Tanuki Brown Other
Shoulder Tanuki Pink 303822 1 Shoulder Tanuki Pink Other
Shoulder Tanuki Blue 303823 1 Shoulder Tanuki Blue Other
Shoulder Tanuki Yellow 303824 1 Shoulder Tanuki Yellow Other

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