Shining Slender Gacha Top
Shining Slender Gacha
Type Number of Items Drop Rate
Clothes (Normal) 8 95%
Clothes (Rare) 6 5%
Rare++ Clothes (Normal) 8 75%
Rare++ Clothes (Rare) 6 25%
Sarali's Presents (Individual Clothes) 3 5%
Sarali's Presents (Shared Clothes) 48 95%

Normal Clothes

Image Item Type
Strong Rain Master Strong Rain Master Clothes
X Wheel of Fortune Wish X Wheel of Fortune Wish Clothes
Captured Princess Green Captured Princess Green Clothes
Sarafan Navy Blue Sarafan Navy Blue Clothes
Star Etoile Orange Star Etoile Orange Clothes
Alarm Bell Sky Alarm Bell Sky Clothes
Cool Boyish Style Blue Cool Boyish Style Blue Clothes
Gothic Separate Red Gothic Separate Red Clothes

Rare Clothes

Image Item Type
Radical Alleris type P Radical Alleris type P Clothes
Ocean Bandit Emerald Ocean Bandit Emerald Clothes
Chocolate Chocolate Mint Chocolate Chocolate Mint Clothes
Card Dealer Red Card Dealer Red Clothes
Card Dealer Fuchsia Card Dealer Fuchsia Clothes
Chocolate Chocolate Sweet Chocolate Chocolate Sweet Clothes

Individual Sarali's Clothes

Image Item Type
Shining Dance Shining Dance Clothes
Ribbon Cake Hat Sweet Ribbon Cake Hat Sweet Head Accessory
Bunny Girl Ears Fuchsia Bunny Girl Ears Fuchsia Head Accessory

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